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In the case of a burned house the homeowners are usually shocked of the event. Nevertheless it is particularly important to accomplish immediate measures. Some measures can already be seized by the persons concerned, so should the spread of soot deposits into not-concernde ranges be prevented, doors should kept closed, etc.

However the substantial measures can only be carried out by professional hands. Here it is important to seize the correct measures
immediately. We undertake the following casts professionally for you:

  • assuring an optimum protection against spread of soot deposits
  • accomplishing the intake of fire fighting water
  • accomplishing the diversion of flue gases
  • Securing the danger area
  • assuring security against environmental damage by running out fire fighting waters or other environmentally hazardous liquids
  • documentation of the condition: Minutes and documentation of the damage
  • Removing soaked furniture, fitments and bottom coverings
  • setting up air dehumidifiers

Beside the inventory not rarely parts of a building must be redeveloped. On this sector we offer various restoration methods to you as well: From drying the building or removing the soot after a fire over a possibly necessary core removal up to cleaning, renovation and painting. We always compile your custom-made redevelopment concept.

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