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Industrial fires usually causes large damage. The fire loss is often insignificant in relation to the operating interrupt. In case of industrial damage it is important to act immediately, in order to prevent consequential loss (e.g. at machines, plants, tools, etc.). Here immediate measures should be accomplished by return, with which the corrosion of the machines are e.g. stopped or fire fighting waters are taken up.

BSB Brandsanierung is able to assort the damage within 24 hours, furnish a complete building site and begin with the redevelopment activities. For machine redevelopment we deploy exclusively experienced and special-skilled workers, who have experience of many years on this particular field of work.

The precision-cleaning is a special field of BSB Brandsanierung. We recommend and/or use only procedures, which are economical, efficient and conducive to the fast re-establishment of the condition before the damage. Our selfconception is to complete redevelopment projects both technically and infrastructurally smooth. The good co--operation of BSB Brandsanierung and adjusters is carried out always with the goal of an effective and result-oriented procedure.

With the disposal of damages caused by fire and water we use most modern professional procedures, which correspond to your requirements exactly. You can draw from an extensive offer.

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