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Damages caused by water can have different origin. It reaches from a burst or corroded water-bearing pipe up to inundations.

At first an exact leakage detection is to be accomplished. The leakage must be located exactly. For this B
SB Brandsanierung uses most different procedures, as e.g. acoustic leakage detection, thermographie, tracer gas or endoscopy. Thereby unnecessary damages of the building can be avoided.

To the damage assessment first measurements are accomplished. These are continued in regular intervals up to the conclusion of the drying measure. By the logging an exact process of the drying process is provable and/or evident. For the moisture test wie use exclusively devices by GANN.

During the water damage redevelopment we use most different drying devices, so that small areas can be just as well dried as large industrial halls. Our drying service not only range to buildings, but also to subjects such as books, documents, artworks etc.

In case fo water damagage its important to introduce immediate measures, e.g. leakage detection, removing soaked furniture, furnishings and bottom covering, as well as setting up air dehumidifier.

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